Bellbird, Korimako

Anthornis melanura
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New Zealand status: Endemic

Conservation status: Not Threatened

The New Zealand Bellbird/korimako is a member of the honeyeater family, and has a curved bill and a long tongue, frayed at the end like a brush, which is used to reach deeply into flowers and drink nectar. Like the other New Zealand honeyeater, the tūī, they feed on a mixture of nectar, fruit, and insects. They are a familiar sight and sound around Dunedin.

The male bellbird is a dark olive green, paler on underparts, with a glossy purple head and forked tail. The female has a paler plumage with none of the purple gloss and has a narrow white stripe across the cheek. Both sexes have red eyes. The juveniles are like the female but have brown eyes and the cheek stripe is yellowish. Bellbirds are widespread and fairly common in New Zealand south of Auckland where there is enough vegetation. 

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Adult male bellbird. Credit: Oscar Thomas Adult female bellbird. Credit: Oscar Thomas