Blackbird, Manu pango

Turdus merula
Bird Songs
Blackbird alarm call

Blackbird song


New Zealand status: Introduced

Conservation status: Introduced and Naturalised

The Eurasian Blackbird was introduced to New Zealand and is now our most widely distributed bird species. Adult males are entirely black apart from their yellow bill and eye-ring. Females and juveniles are mostly dark brown, slightly mottled on the belly.

Blackbirds are abundant across the country in a wide range of habitats including suburban gardens, farmland, woodlands and native forest. Their song can be heard from winter to summer, with the singing male usually perched on a high branch, tree top or power line. They sing most in the early morning and evening. Blackbirds feed mostly on the ground on earthworms, snails, and insects. They also take berries while perched in foliage.

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Adult male Eurasian Blackbird. Credit: Oscar Thomas. Adult female Eurasian Blackbird. Credit: OscarThomas Juvenile Eurasian Blackbird. Credit: OscarThomas