Shining Cuckoo, Pīpīwharauroa

Chrysococcyx lucidus
Bird Songs
Shining cuckoo/pīpīwharauroa call


New Zealand status: Native

Conservation status: Not Threatened

The shining cuckoo/pīpīwharauroa is a summer migrant to New Zealand, more often heard than seen.

The bird has iridescent green plumage and striped pale underbelly. They are difficult to spot but have a distinctive repetitive upwards-slurred whistling call that is easy to pick up.

An intriguing aspect of shining cuckoo behaviour is its "parasitic" relationship with the grey warbler. Shining cuckoo lay their eggs exclusively in the nests of grey warblers, leaving these birds to raise giant chicks. 

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Shining cuckoo/pīpīwharauroa. Credit: Oscar Thomas.