Welcome Swallow, Warou

Hirundo neoxena
Bird Songs
Welcome Swallow


New Zealand status: Native

Conservation status: Not Threatened

Welcome Swallows/warou are small fast-flying birds who arrived here from Australia.

They are small, elegant birds with blunt heads, a deeply-forked tail and long pointed wings. Adults have reddish-brown feathers on the forehead, neck and breast, with paler colouring on the flanks. The bill is short, broad and black, and they have a black eye stripe. The back and upperwings are blue-black. The tail is dark with white spots towards the ends of the feathers that form a row of dots when the tail is spread in flight. Juveniles are also similar but have darker heads and an overall duller colouring.

Calls are fantail-like twittering and chattering but do not carry far.

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Adult welcome swallow/warou. Credit: Oscar Thomas. Adult welcome swallow/warou. Credit: Oscar Thomas.